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Many years ago I read a book that intrigued me. It was about a boy with autism and the extraordinary lengths his parents went to find help for him. I was hooked and began searching for more information on autism. Soon I found myself tutoring not only students with developmental delays and reading difficulties, but also autism.

My name is Karen Robbins and I’m a semi-retired elementary and special needs teacher. I currently live in Vancouver, Washington, USA with my husband, Lamont, a retired civil engineer.

For the last five years I have traveled to Kenya, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Macedonia to teach parents, teachers, doctors and therapists about autism and other developmental disabilities. It’s been a privilege to work alongside teachers in these countries who have autistic students in their classrooms.

I’ve learned from the students themselves how best to meet their individual needs and involve them in  classroom activities. I’ve also met marvelous parents who have struggled with their children’s  developmental disabilities, including autism. Often, without knowing what to do, or having the education or support they long for, these dedicated parents continue to do the best they can for their children.

With a heart for both parents and teachers of autistic children, I want to offer you support, information, and encouragement through my website and blog.  Please email me at: karen@autismparentsteachers.com to receive regular updates. I would be honored to hear from you.


Karen Robbins



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